The app development business is challenging. Not every app is a blazing success, and thus you may need to cancel service for an app in production.

Before cancelling, some things to be aware of:

  • The data (user accounts, reference data, files, etc.) associated with your app will be inaccessible, and will in fact be deleted
  • Attempts to login to brainCloud from the app will fail (with an authorization failure)
  • You will be charged for any outstanding usage for the current month (so far)

Procedurally, here is what you do:

  1. In the Design Portal to the Team | Manage | Apps page, and choose the Disable option from the action menu on the right. This will cause new logins to your app to be rejected (and is a signal to our admins that we have the correct app for the steps that follow).
  2. Then, send a quick request through our support system, asking us to terminate service for the app. Give us the name of the app and the appId <- important, we verify these against each other, and that you are an admin on the team.
  3. We will then terminate your billing subscription (you'll be charged on a pro-rated basis for the amount of the month used), and delete your app (all data will be lost)

We generally service these requests the same day that they are made - so no special notice is required. We definitely aim to satisfy the requests within 24 hours - it's normally just 3-6 hours from request.

Hope that helps! And good luck with your next pursuit!

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