Postman is a good platform for testing and collaborating with your teammates either you created S2S scripts or brainCloud off-the-shelf APIs.

Installing Postman

To install Postman, simply:

Import Collection
After installing Postman, you can import Postman Collections you have (or create a new collection). The collection can be a JSON file or a shared link from your teammates.

Here is a shared Postman collection link that includes several user created S2S scripts and brainCloud build-in API calls example, you can import it from Import From Link tab.

Example of Cloud Code script call

Following CC Tutorial Link below create a S2S script named it as "AddNums".
Once you have created and configured S2S scripts in the brainCloud dashboard, you can test them from Postman.
Notice: the "service" : "script"; "operation" : "RUN"

Example of brainCloud build-in API call

Notice: the "service" : "itemCatalog"; "operation" : "SYS_GET_CATALOG_ITEMS_PAGE" 

The API calls documented in the API Ref ( are mapped to discrete Services and Operations on the server.

The codes, together with operation-specific parameters (specified in the JSON data object) are used to send commands to the server.

Only the API Calls in the S2S section of the API Ref can be used for S2S calls.

Using Curl

When using Curl command line with nested JSON parameters to test your S2S API call, recommend putting parameters of the API call to a JSON file, then refer to this file with --data option (-d) in curl command.

curl -d "@paraItemCat.json" -X POST -H "Content-Type: applicaiton/json"

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