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How do I view user data?
How do I view user data?

How can I view/debug the data of a user of my app?

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Great question!

brainCloud allows you to easily search for players in your app and view their data.

Simply log into the Portal and go to the Monitoring | User Monitoring section of the portal. You will immediately see a list of the most recently created users - just click on one to view their information.

If the user you are looking for isn't there, simply click the [Select User] button near the top-left, or the [Change User] button in the top-right of the screen.

Click the Search tab, and then choose a search criteria type from the list. Click [Search] and then choose the user from the list.


  • Check the [x] Is Tester button on the User Summary page to flag this user as a tester, which allows you to change additional data about the user - and also allows you to selectively delete testers vs. non-testers via the Design | Core App Info | Admin Tools screen.

  • If you check [x] Flag User under the Annotations section, you can attach a short note to this user - and save them in the Flagged Users list for quick access later. Be sure to click [Save Notes].

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