What is a bridge?

How to use bridges and proxies

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As you probably already know, cloud code scripts are custom Javascript-based scripts that you write, and run on brainCloud's servers.

The Javascript runtime environment is based upon Mozilla Rhino, which is an open-source implementation of Javascript written in Java.

As such, the brainCloud Cloud Code environment is a very pure implementation of Javascript -- but it needs to be able to integrate with brainCloud's APIs! And that's where the bridge comes in.

The bridge is a software bridge between the cloud code environment and the rest of brainCloud's services and APIs.

Each of brainCloud's services are implemented via a separate interface class. To make an API call, you must first acquire access to a proxy object for that service, via... guess what?  the bridge!

Here is a quick example.

var playerStateService = bridge.getPlayerStateServiceProxy();
var numLogins = playerStateService.readPlayerState().data.loginCount;

For more information on writing cloud code scripts, see the Cloud Code section of our API Reference, and the Cloud Code Tutorials.

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