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What is the API Explorer?
What is the API Explorer?

Our API Explorer is your best friend!

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The API Explorer allows you to explore and run all the key methods of the brainCloud API. It simulates a client application talking to the brainCloud servers. It is a great way to test the APIs and confirm their behaviours and JSON return formats.

The explorer screen consists of the following components:

  • Summary Info - this section displays information about the currently active session, including the active Session ID and Profile ID

  • Service - allows you to select one of the many brainCloud services. Once you select a service, the Operation list will update to reflect methods available for that service

  • Operation - the operation (API method) to invoke

  • Description - a description of the method, complete with link to the appropriate API Reference page

  • Parameters - the parameters to send into the method. Will be populated with a default template, that you can manually edit to simulate your test

  • [Run] - clicking the Run button executes the request

  • Log - the log updates to show each request, following by its response - with a tally of how many milliseconds it took to run the operation


  • Authentication - The portal automatically fills in your development email as both the id and password for Authentication - useful for creating test users

  • Session timeouts - the session created using the API Explorer remains active even as you move back and forth to other parts of the Portal. Useful if you want to execute an operation, and then examine its affect via Global or User Monitoring. Sessions timeout after 15 minutes or so.


  • Default Platform is iOS - The Authentication: Authenticate parameter template always defaults the platform template to "IOS". Even if you aren't targeting iOS for your app, you may want to turn on that platform via Design | Core App Info | Platforms for convenience

  • Easy Navigation - Use the Quick menu to jump to the API Explorer from anywhere in the brainCloud Portal.

  • Login as User - If you want to log in as specific user for testing / debugging purposes, you can locate that user via User Monitoring, and then click the [Login As User] button near the top-left of the page

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