Candy Crush style maps are basically a bunch of social leaderboards, one per level, stitched together - where you show the friend that is in the top position at each of the nodes on the map.

Implementing this map using our standard APIs would be expensive and slow, since you need to individually request the leaderboard results for each level (node) shown on the map. If your map is currently showing 10 nodes, that's 10 leaderboard calls. 

Luckly, brainCloud has a special call just for this situation: GetMultiSocialLeaderboard().

You pass in a list of leaderboards, and the number of results to retrieve (set it to the number of images you intend to show by each node - probably 1?) - and brainCloud does the work for you.

Pro-tip - To ensure acceptable response times, we recommend that you don't retrieve more than 10 leaderboards at a time.

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