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Facebook friends aren't showing in our social leaderboards! Help!
Facebook friends aren't showing in our social leaderboards! Help!

Trouble-shooting social leaderboards

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brainCloud's social leaderboard feature is very powerful - but it does depend upon the proper configuration and integration of a bunch of separate systems - brainCloud, your app, Facebook, and your users - to ensure that everything works properly.

If you aren't seeing Facebook friends in your leaderboards, here are some things to check:

  1. The user's involved have a Facebook identity attached. To confirm this, search for the users in User Monitoring, and confirm that each has a Facebook credential showing on the botton of the Monitoring | User Monitoring | User Summary page.

  2. Confirm that brainCloud is able to access the user's friends. You can do this by going to the Monitoring | User Monitoring | Friends page. Provided that their Facebook token hasn't expired, you should see a list of their friends on this page. If you don't, it's likely that your app isn't asking the user for the proper Facebook permissions.

  3. Ensure that your app is asking for the "user_friends" permission. This gives brainCloud access to the list of friends of the user who also have your app.
    (See the Pro-tip below for additional permissions that we recommend.)

  4. Ensure that the user actually granted or approved the requested permission!  You may want to add code to your app test for this situation.

  5. Ensure that the friends have posted scores to the leaderboard. Obviously brainCloud can't return them if they haven't posted scores! You can confirm this from the Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Leaderboards page. 

Hope that helps - and good luck!


  • We recommend that your app also ask for the "public_profile" permission - which gives brainCloud access to the user's profile pic -- always helpful for social leaderboards. You might also ask for the "email" permission - which brainCloud can then make available to your app - but that is up to you.

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