You can change supported platforms at any time.

The list of all the platforms your app supports is on the Design | Core App Info | Platforms page. Check each enabled platform.

Unsupported platforms will get an error response when making an API call to brainCloud.

     "status_message": "Processing exception (message): Platform IOS has not been enabled for this app",
     "reason_code": 40320,
     "status": 400

Can I change my minimum supported app version?

The minimum app version support is changeable on a per-platform basis. 

You can set the minimum version to 2.0 to block users that are still on earlier versions of the app. For example, if substantial data change occurred in the 2.0 update, which required users to update their app before accessing their cloud data.

If a user attempts to make a call to brainCloud using a version that has is marked as obsolete, the app will get an error response. 

     "status_message": "Processing exception (message): App version 1.56 is obsolete.",
     "reason_code": 40322,
     "upgradeAppId": null,
     "status": 400

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