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I set my app live - and now it is locked!
I set my app live - and now it is locked!

What is live lock?

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After months of development, you are finally ready to set your app free.

You triumphantly hit the [Go Live!] button, choose a plan, and... what's this, your app is locked?

Don't panic - disaster has not struck. You have discovered the Live Lock feature!

The goal of Live Lock is to keep developers and support personnel from inadvertently editing an app's configuration when it is live. This is especially useful when you have both "development" and "production" versions of your app in brainCloud!

The idea is simple: Live apps are by locked by default. To unlock the app, simply click the banner and enter the app name.

When you are done editing, you can re-lock the app by clicking on the banner again. The app will also automatically lock when you switch apps in the portal or logout.

Note that unlocking the app only unlocks it for you. Other portal users will still see the app as locked. 

Hope that helps - and good luck with your launch!

PS - Oh, and if for some crazy reason you dislike the security and comfort that Live Lock provides, you can disable it for your app. Just to got Design | Core App Info | Advanced Settings, and check [x] Disable Live Lock (not recommended) in the App Settings section. Do so at your own risk!

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