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How do I get a list users in my app?
How do I get a list users in my app?

Exporting user data

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The Reports | Reporting section contains analytical information on all your users.

On this dashboard, you can see a list of your Total Users, your Daily Active Users, and more.
To export a list of all your users, go the the Reports | Reporting | Export Users page.

You will have the option to filter the report based on users who:

  • Users or Testers

  • Have an Email Address

  • Registered after a certain date

And you can choose what data to include in the export:

  • File Format, JSON or CSV

  • Basic User Info

  • Monetization Data

  • XP & XP Level

  • Multiplayer Data

  • External IDs

  • User Statistics

When your happy with your settings, select [Export Users].

If you have many users, it will take time for the report to generate. A download link will be sent to your email address.

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