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How can I easily delete all users in my app?
How can I easily delete all users in my app?

Quickly deleting an app's users

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During development, you may find yourself wanting to delete all the users of your app - especially if you have made significant changes to business rules, entity storage structures, etc.

To delete all users, proceed to the Design | Core App Info | Admin Tools page, and scroll down to the Data Deletion section:

Here you will find several functions that allow you to delete users. Note that brainCloud separates the concepts of regular users vs. testers.

By default, all users are regular users - but you can mark a user as a tester via the User Summary page in User Monitoring, or via the UpdateIsTester() API call.

To delete all users, you would click on the Delete Users and Testers button and confirm your choice.

A note of caution:

  • When deleting a user, brainCloud also cleans up any data associated with that user. This would include things like group membership, leaderboard entries, and any group or global entities that are owned by the deleted user.

  • When defining global reference data for your app, such as level definitions, common lists, etc - ensure that these entities are System Entities (i.e. global entities whose ownerId is null) rather than regular Global Entities. System Entities will survive deleting all users - regular Global Entities will not!

Pro-tip: If you are deleting your users because you are preparing to launch, you may want to reconsider - and instead set up separate apps for development vs. production. This is best practice, and gives you more control when making changes to your app once it is live. More info here!

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