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How do I enable Email Verification?
How do I enable Email Verification?

Using SendGrid integration

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To first enable Email Verification, go to the Design | Integrations | Manage Integrations page, and add your SendGrid credentials. After, click [Test].

You should receive a test email to your current email address.

Don't have a SendGrid account?

Be sure to make one on SendGrid's website, along with an API key to use with brainCloud.

Once completed, navigate to the Design | Authentication | Email page, and enable Send Verification Email Use SendGrid.

Choose Use rich email service templates to use any email templates you have created on the SendGrid dashboard.

If running into problems with enabling the email configuration, ensure your SendGrid API key has Mail Send (full) and Template Engine (read) permission enabled.

You should now be getting verification emails for your app. Happy coding!

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