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brainCloud Plans & Pricing
brainCloud Plans & Pricing

An overview of brainCloud Pricing and Billing

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We are confident that we have a plan to fit every app!

  • Development (Free) - access to all features, except custom entities and hosting. Limited to 100 DAU, 1000 accounts. Includes 10 CCx.

  • Development Plus! ($5 /month) - All features, including custom entities and hosting, but restricted to development usage. Limited to 200 DAU, 2000 accounts. Includes 20 CCx.

  • Lite ($15 /month) - Core features. Includes 1M API.

  • Lite Plus ($25 /month) - Core features + RTT + Custom Entities + Hosting. Includes 1M API, 50 CCx.

  • Standard ($30 /month) - Core features. Includes 6M API.

  • Standard Plus ($50 /month) - Core features + RTT + Custom Entities + Hosting. Includes 6M API, 100 CCx.

  • Business ($99 /month) - Core + Enterprise features. Includes 10M API.

  • Business Plus ($199 /month) - All features. Includes 15M API, 250 CCx.

Note that all paid plans scale up to higher API counts. Teams will be charged additional usage accordingly.

Plan Types: Basic vs. Plus

Select a Plus plan if your app will be using braincloud RTT features such as: 

  • Async Match with RTT

  • Chat

  • Custom Entities

  • Lobbies

  • Online Matchmaking

  • Presence

  • Real-time Events

  • Real-time Messaging

  • Relay Server Hosting

  • Room Server Hosting

Note - Plus plans are subject to Deep Data Usage, RTT Usage and Hosting Usage costs. More details in the sections that follow.

Development Plans

Dev plans will cover your app's braincloud needs prior to launch with the following caps:

  • 100 users per day

  • 1000 users lifetime

  • no live in-app purchases.

The Dev Plus plan doubles your user counts and adds Hosting for a nominal monthly fee.

The Standard Plan

Our recommended plan for most apps gives you ample headroom to see your app growth trajectory so you can sleep easy. If you've got a hit on your hands, it is easy to upgrade to the Business Plan to increase your free API caps, storage, and more.

Lite vs. Standard

Lite and Lite Plus plans offer the all the same features as their Standard plan equivalents, but at lower 1M API usage levels. These plans, which start at just $15 and $25 /month respectively, are ideal for indie developers, the development of smaller experimental apps, and or for more ambitious apps in the long-tail phase of their product lifecycle. Note: If you suspect your app could become an overnight hit, we recommend the Standard Plan at a minimum.

Business Plans

In addition to Enterprise features, Business Plans give your app more free API Calls, Storage, Transfers and RTT Connections than any other plan. 

Need More Info? 

brainCloud pricing is elastic, scaling up and down based on how much (or how little) your apps use our servers.

Check out the detailed Plan Comparison Table and API Pricing Table  


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