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Design | Core App Info | Auto-Delete Users
Design | Core App Info | Auto-Delete Users

Configuration settings for removing inactive users on your application

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Auto-Delete Users is an automated facility for deleting users who haven't logged into the system for a while. This will significantly reduce the storage costs for your apps.

To set up this feature for your app, go to Design | Core App Info | Auto-Delete Users page on brainCould portal.

  • Check the [Enable auto-delete for dormant users] checkbox inside the dormant users' statistic infobox.

  • Under the SETTINGS tab, the number of inactivity days can be modified, which could be set between 7 - 750. There is also a link to Archive Settings page if you want to hook a cloud code script to run after archiving a user.

  • Under the EXCEPTIONS tab, you can optionally select one or more conditions to keep the users from being auto-deleted.

  • Under the EMIAL NOTIFICATIONS tab, you can set reminder emails to be sent to these inactivated users before their accounts are deleted via your integrated SendGrid account.

  • Click the button labeled [Export Dormant Users] to initiate an export of users that would otherwise be deleted based on the current settings. (The users-export file normally will be a .csv file which is sent via the logged-in dev's email)

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