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Design | Admin Tools | Checkpoints
Design | Admin Tools | Checkpoints

Snapshots of your app's meta-data

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A checkpoint is created in the progress of both Deploy and Import Configuration Data operations, recording only those collections having data. And on the Restore Checkpoint (or Import Configuration Data), all data for data access objects having scope GAME_CONFIGURATION will be deleted, except for collections containing history.

You can also manually create a checkpoint for your application by clicking the CREATE button located on this page. This action will capture a snapshot of the application's meta-data at present.

To obtain the configuration file (with the file extension .bcconfig) for your application, click on the DOWNLOAD button located on this page.

To restore the configuration data of your application to a previous checkpoint, please select the desired checkpoint from the dropdown menu and click on the RESTORE button located on the page. Additionally, there is an option checkbox labeled Do not restore global entities. Please enable this option if you wish to avoid overwriting your current global entities with those stored in the selected checkpoint.

Note for Checkpoints:

  • The scripts and leaderboard configs that created thereafter the checkpoint will not be deleted when restoring to that checkpoint.

  • "Checkpoints" include the application's metadata - but do not save or restore files (i.e. legacy global files and new global files are excluded).

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