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Monitoring groups and their members

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This page presents a comprehensive list of all groups associated with your current application. Through this page, you can

  • View the list of all the groups with type filter and group-name searching

  • View the details of each group

  • Edit the group data and group summary data for each group

  • Switch to the user summary page from the members list of each group

  • Delete group individually

  • Switch to the group entities page of each group

Click an individual group row from the list to View, or Edit its data and members.

  • You can edit the Data and Summary Data of the selected group (click the tabs to switch between them).

  • Click the [Delete] button at the blade's bottom to delete the selected group.

  • You will also find the View Entities option from that blade screen, it will direct you to the further group entities list page under the selected group.

  • You can view the list of members, invited members, and requested members of the selected group (click the tabs to switch between them).

    Note: Only a group owner/admin can invite and/or approve non-members to join their group. Non-owner members will get an "Insufficient permissions" error if trying to invite and approve members to join their group. Also, only group members are allowed to create entities for their group.

To search for an individual group from the group list, you can enter the Group Name / Full Group ID into the search bar on the top of the list screen, it will return the groups whose names / ID match the search field.

Some other pro tips:

  • Only non-open groups need to approve the members joining requests. The open or non-open property is controlled by the parameter "isOpenGroup" of CreateGroup API.

  • Compare the differences of the response between members of non-members when calling ReadGroup API, using group ACL to adjust the return according to your app's requirements.

  • A group leaderboard view will list group-based scores, if you set that group leaderboard as a high-value type, the highest score in that group will be shown to that leaderboard.

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