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Groups | Groups Entities
Groups | Groups Entities

Managing group entities

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This page presents a comprehensive list of all group entities associated with all the groups in your current application. Through this page, you can

  • View the list of all the group entities with entity type filter, group-id searching, and sorted by various fields

  • View the details of each group entity

  • Edit each group entity data and its relevant metadata

  • Create new group entities

  • Delete group entities individually

  • Switch to the associated group details page of each group entity

Click an individual entity row from the list to View, Edit, or Delete it.

Click on the Group ID of each entry will direct you to the Groups | Groups page.

Click the [Create] button at the upper right corner of the group entities list, it will open the Add Group Entity pop-up window, fill in the metadata info for this entity Group ID, Entity Type, and Owner ID, select ACL from the drop-down menu, and then enter the data for this entity.

To search for an individual group entity from the group entities list, you can enter the Full Group ID into the search bar on the top of the list screen, it will return the group entities whose group Id matches the searching field.

  • You can also filter the group entities by entity type by selecting the specific type listed on the Group Entity Type drop-down menu.

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