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Using brainCloud with Unity
Using brainCloud with Unity

Getting started examples

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You can download the latest brainCloud Unity Asset package from our GitHub release section, and drag and drop it into your Unity project.

Additional instructions for using the brainCloud library can be found on the project readme.

Once you are logged in with the brainCloud Settings in Unity, you can use the debug tab to view the request and responses your app makes with brainCloud.

Getting started with an example
For quickly getting started, you can also use one of the examples found in our examples GitHub repository. 

Copying an example via templates

Some of our examples are a bit more complicated and require brainCloud dashboard side configurations. These examples include Bombers, BombersRTT, SpaceShooterWithState, and TicTacToe.

Create a new app using a template of one of these examples.

In Unity select brainCloud | Select Settings from the menu.

In the brainCloud Settings, login to your current account or signup for the first time. brainCloud is free during development :)

With your team selected, select Create New App ... and check Create with template? Select the template you wish to use. If using the SpaceShooter example, check the SpaceShooter template.

After creating the new app, you can review the imported data on the brainCloud dashboard. The SpaceShooter example imports stats which can be view on the Design | Statistics Rules | User Statistics page.

Enabling hosting on the BombersRTT example

The BombersRTT demonstrates an example using our relay server hosting.

This form of hosting requires our plus plans, so to entirely run the example on your copy, you need to enable the DEVELOPMENT PLUS plan or higher. Find the option on the Team | Manage | Apps page, and click [Go Live!].

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