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Design | Core App Info | Application IDs
Design | Core App Info | Application IDs
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Key application identifiers. These identifiers are used when connecting your client to brainCloud, or for allowing brainCloud to connect to other third-party services.

Without these identifiers, you will not be able to pair your client app to your app on brainCloud. Be sure to keep your app identifications a secret.

Example of using the brainCloud plugin in Unity to automatically connect your appId and appSecret to your code base

To see and edit your application ids, go to the Application IDs page on the dashboard.

Pairing your app’s identifiers

  • Your App Id is your app’s unique identification on brainCloud. No other app shares your app id, and it cannot be changed

  • For your App Name, you can enter whatever value desired. Your customers will not see this value, so you could name one app “MyApp [Dev]” and another as “MyApp [Live],” to denote the production and internal versions of your apps.

  • Similar to your app name, your app’s image is an internal picture that can be whatever you like to help represent your app on brainCloud. The example screenshot uses a brainCloud logo as the picture.

  • Your App Secret is used to ensure the connecting being made to brainCloud belongs to your app.

  • The Show Game Design Features controls whether gamification features like Achievements and Leaderboards show up on the brainCloud UI. You can uncheck this box to help clean up the UI, and re-enable the box should you decided to add these features at a later date.

If your app secret is ever leaked, it can be refreshed with the [Regenerate App Secret] button. Please note you must click [Save Changes] for the new secret to be saved.

Accidentally saved over your current app secret? You can enter a copy of your old secret into the App Secret box, and save your old secret. You can change your secret to any text value, however, a secure GUID, like the ones generated by the [Regenerate App Secret] button, is highly recommended.

When using features that require brainCloud to pair with other dashboard, you will have to enter those platforms associated idenitifiers in the Configure Platform section.

Code below

Now that you have access to your ids, let’s pair your app with brainCloud.

string serverUrl = "";
string secret = "1234-1234-1234-1234";
string appId = "123456";
string version = "1.0.0";

_bc.Init(serverUrl, secret, appId, version);

That’s it, your app is paired with brainCloud by using your app id and secret. See the Initialize method in the API Reference for additional information and examples of other programming languages.

If you are using the brainCloud Unity plugin, you only need to call _bc.Init(). The app id and app secret will be auto-filled from the plugin. See further instruction on GitHub

Happy coding!

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