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Design | Authentication | Email Authentication

Send your users authentication mails when they choose to set up their account with Email/Password

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For the users whose authentication with email/password identity, this page will conveniently allow users to login or resume their account on any device with improved protections of their account.

Braincloud can facilitate the configuration of Email Authentication when you choose to support this feature in your app.

To see and edit your preferences, go to the Authentication - Email  page on the dashboard.

Note: the send verification email part is disable since the email service is not set up yet. And the radio button of [Use rich email service templates] is not clickable accordingly.

brainCloud directly supports plain-text Verification and Authentication emails. If your team would prefer nicer looking emails, an external integration with SendGrid account is recommended. 

Integrating SendGrid with brainCloud

  • Create a SendGrid account and create some templates for Email Verification or Password Reset, refer to our docs about Email Intergration -SendGrid.

Note: New Dynamic Templates are recommended in order to use our pre-defined substitutions (i.e. {{appName}}, {{webUrl}} etc.) properly.

  • Click Configure button or go directly to Design | Integrations | Manage Integrations page after SendGrid account is created.

  • Fill in all required fields with the info from your SendGrid account

  • Check the [Enable SendGrid Integration] and click Save Changes button.

  • Click Test button to check if the current login user can get a test email.

Enabling Verification Emails

  • Check the Send Verification Email checkbox. 

  • The radio button for [Use simple plain text] will be automatically selected. Select [Use rich email service templates (recommended)] instead if want to use the nicer templates you created on your SendGrid account. 

Selecting Sub-options

  • Rejecting Unverified Email Logins ensures users do not use a fake email when creating their identity. Your app should let them know they will be sent a verification email during credentials entry.

  • Send Confirmation Email may grant your users some additional peace of mind that their account is correctly set up. Additionally, selecting this feature will be sending a message to a guaranteed valid email. Doing so reduces your "Bounce Rate" which can improve your standing with SendGrid. 

Setting up each type of email with the templates you created on SendGrid respectively.

Adding other language with different templates when necessary.

Setting up plain text (if [Use simple plain text] radio button is selected)

  • Select the dropdown in the Templates section

  • Enter a plain-text Subject and Content

  • Select [Save]

  • Use the dropdown to select each of the remaining Templates and add the text content as appropriate.

  • Adding other language with different localize when needed.


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