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Design | Cloud Code | S2S Explorer
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The S2S Explorer simulates a client-operated server talking to the brainCloud servers. So you will be able to test the various S2S APIs and confirm their behaviors and JSON return formats.

Pre-requisite: Configuring S2S Servers

Incoming servers must be configured (i.e. declared) in the brainCloud dashboard before making S2S calls. This allows brainCloud to confirm that the requests are coming from a server that you own and aren’t malicious.

  • Navigate to the Design | Cloud Code | My Servers page. Click the [+New Server] button.

  • Give your server a name, like “S2SExplorer_Server”

  • Select Custome Server from the Server Type dropdown menu.

  • Leave the Base URL input box blank for the S2S APIs test.

  • Enter IP ranges restricts access to requests coming from the specified network addresses. This is highly recommended for production apps! For now, you can leave the ranges blank. This will make all IP ranges acceptable.

  • Hit [Save], notice system generates a secret for your server.

Run S2S APIs

  • Navigate to the Design | Cloud Code | S2S Explorer page.

  • Select a server from the Server dropdown menu.

  • Choose the Service and Operation you wish to run. Enter the parameters accordingly for the selected API call.

  • Hit [Run].

  • After running, you will see the JSON response from the server on the right of the screen. You can check the JSON request in this section as well.

Note: If you run a script with logging service calls resided in, you will find these debug log info from this section.

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