From the Global Monitoring - Custom Entities page, you can achieve the functionalities as follows:

  • View all the custom entity collections

  • View the details of every custom entity of each collection

  • Create new custom entities for each collection

  • Edit a single custom entity of each collection

  • Delete a single custom entity or entire entities of each collection

  • Export/import custom entities for each collection

  • Switch back to custom entity collection configs page

As for the details of how to create and to configure a custom entity collection and entity per se, refer to the custom entity design help page here.

The following screen will be seen when browsing to Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Custom Entities page, which will list all the customer entity collections (types) of your current app.

Click the Actions button of each entity collection, you will find two options from this drop-down menu, Configure will direct you back to the custom entity collection configs page, View Entities will direct you to the further custom entities list page.

Select the View Entities option (or click entity type name directly), you will see the list of entities under the collect.

Click Filter, you can set an advanced filter by using MongoDB searching operators to narrow down your list of entities you are looking up. Click Apply to use this filter.

From the entities list page, you can create a new entity by clicking the [+Create Entity] button, you will see the Create Entity window pop up.

You can also export/import entities or delete them from current collect by selecting the options from the Bulk Actions.

This is the import entities windows looks like:

Note: For the Owned custom entities, will only show up for the owner. If you didn't select the owner from User Monitoring, you will not able to see the list of them.

(No entities shows here, if not selecting the owner of entities)

(After selecting the owner from User Monitoring)

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