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Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Leaderboards

Audit Leaderboard results for Live and Completed seasons

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Comparing final scores for previous seasons gives Design a great way to: 

  • Find the most dedicated players (for targeted promotions)

  • Determine typical winning scores for each leaderboard

  • Give valuable data for tuning Pacer thresholds 

  • View a selected user in detail to audit them for unfair play tampering

Leaderboards: Select the Leaderboard you wish to review.
Registered players will show as their registered identity
Players with anonymous registration will show their Unique ID.
Use the Actions dropdown View option to inspect a specific player

Version: Select the Current or Completed Tournament you wish to view.
Note: The number of Completed Tournaments stored is configured per leaderboard in Design | Leaderboards | Leaderboard Configs 

Score Sorting: Choose the sort order.

Reset: Allows the admin to Reset the scores of an active tournament and un-enrolls all participants. While this is useful in the event of a widespread exploit that renders the tournament invalid, and has been patched out, it will indiscriminately zero the scores of honest players as well. Use with caution.

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