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Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Redemption Codes

view the status of each redemption code

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A redemption code is a special code associated with a product that gives the user that redeems its additional benefits within the product.

brainCloud's Redemption Code feature supports the management and implementation of single-use redemption codes.

From the Global Monitoring - Redemption Codes page, you can achieve the functionalities as follows:

  • View the status of individual redemption code

  • Search redemption code by Code Type and Code State

  • Reset individual redemption code state

The following screen will be seen when browsing to Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Redemption Code page, which requires you to put a scan code to lookup.

Put the scan code into the search bar and hit Search. You will see the details of this code.

If you want to search the redemption code by code type and its status, just hit the [Get Test Code...] button, select the Code Type from the code-type drop-down, and Code State from the status drop-down then hit the [Get Test Code] button, you will get the first redemption code in the code list which satisfy both the type and state conditions.

From the details of the redemption code, clicking the View button will show you the Code Info in JSON format, you can copy it to the clipboard and paste to another code when creating code from API Explorer.

From the details of the redemption code, clicking the Reset Code button will open a Reset Code dialog and give you the ability to switch the code's state between Inactive or Available. Click the Reset button to apply the change.

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