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Facebook disputes monitoring

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This page will list all the Facebook disputes from your app. This interface allows you to respond to disputes, including issuing refunds to customers.

brainCloud gets this information by sending a GET request to Facebook via Graph payments API with disputes field attached, like the image below from Graph API tool.

By clicking the [eye] icon from an entry, will open the details of that dispute.

There are several options providing you with the ability to settle the dispute in different ways (i.e. Full Refund, Partial Refund, Grant Replacement Items, Deny Refund and Ban User)

Once you select Full Refund or Patrial Refund, the further Refund Reason section will be appended to this panel, you will give a Refund Reason by select one of them.

You can go ahead to click Resolve to make a refund to the user. behind the scenes, brainCloud will send a refund request call via Facebook Graph API to handle this refund.

If you got lots of disputes in your app, you might want to filter the entries with Pending or Resolved ones, simply click the upper right corner Filter by Status drop-down menu and select them to filter the list.

Check out this linked article about how to integrate Facebook purchases with brainCloud.

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