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Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Recent Errors

Monitoring app errors and debugging log info

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Normally this is the first place to look to view the health of your app. Here you will find any recent errors and warnings that the system has logged against your app - generally in association with a Client API or S2S API call that was being made at the time.

From this page, you can achieve the functionalities as follows:

  • View the list of recent error, warning, and info logs list with various filters

  • View the details of each log

The following screen will be seen when browsing to Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Recent Errors page, which will list all the recent (default is seven days) error and warning logs of your current app. (Note: Info logs are turned off by default.)

Click on the Profile column of each entry, will direct you to the User Monitoring Logs page, where you can find the Request + Response log for that user.

Click any other column of each entry (or select the View Details option from Actions drop-menu), it will open the Error Details dialog.

Entries list filter:

  • Click the [Field Filters] button at the left-up corner of the errors list, you can filter the displayed entries list from the fields you chose.

  • Click the Apply button to run this filter. You can click the [Field Filters] button again and select the Clear button to remove this applied filter from the displayed list.

  • You can also apply a quick filter by click one of the options (profileId or operation) from the Actions drop-down menu of any entry.

Note, to apply info logs to the list, you need to select the info checkbox and click the Refresh button. These custom info (or errors and warnings) can be sent to this view via the Cloud Code Logging service and/or logging convenience methods on the Cloud Code Bridge.

Also note, the lobby and roomServerManager progress states will be sent to this view as well, you can use this page to monitoring your lobby and room server instance status details.

Click the Message column to check the context of each log.

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