From the Global Monitoring - Unreadable Requests page, you can achieve the functionalities as follows:

  • View the list of all the unreadable requests with details of the requests and other helpful pieces of information.

  • View the details of each unreadable request and origin info

The following screen will be seen when browsing to Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Unreadable Requests page, which will list all the requests sent to the server that cannot be processed.

The most common cause for these errors is networking errors (we didn't receive the full request), bad serialization of JSON objects, or security issues (bad packet id, secret, etc.).

Click each record (or select the View Details option from Actions drop-menu), it will open the Unreadable Requests Details dialog.

From the above details dialog window, you will find the origin IP and other helpful pieces of information about this client API request. You can click Copy All button on this window to copy the entail content of this request and paste it into your other editors/tools for debugging.

Note: ProfileId will show up in the Profile column to only these requests which have user sessionIds associated with.

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