From the Global Monitoring - Server Logs page, you can achieve the functionalities as follows:

  • View the list of all the requests and responses to Server-to-Server (S2S) and Webhook server, with several fields filter

  • View the details of each request and corresponding response

The following screen will be seen when browsing to Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Server Logs page, which will list all the requests into the S2S APIs as well as incoming WebHooks.

Entries list filter:

  • Click the [Set Filters] button at the left-up corner of the logs list, you can filter the displayed entries list from the fields you chose.

  • Click the Apply button to run this filter. You can click the [Field Filters] button again and select the Clear button to remove this applied filter from the displayed list.

Click the Packet ID column of each entry, it will open the request Details dialog.

Click the Response column of each entry, it will open the response Details dialog.

Note: From the logs list, if S2S sessions IDs fields that are in grey italics, means they were generated via the session-less protocol.

Also note: The unsuccessful S2S requests logs will go here as well.

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