From the User Monitoring - User Entities page, you can achieve the functionalities as follows:

  • View all the user-owned user entities of the currently selected user with type filter, and sorted the list by various fields

  • View the details of each user entity

  • Create new user entities

  • Edit a single user entity

  • Delete a single user entity

  • Advanced search for user entity/entities

  • Export the listed user entities to a .json file

As for the details of how to create and to manage user entities, refer to the user entity APIs docs here.

The following screen will be seen when browsing to the Monitoring | User Monitoring | User Entities page, which will list all the user-owned user entities of the currently selected user.

Click the pencil icon of the Action column of each entry, which will open the detail of entity data, you are able to edit or delete the opened entity.

From the user entities list page, you can create a new entity by clicking the [+] button at the right-up corner of the list screen.

  • You will see the Entity Data window popped up as an edit operation.

  • Fill out the necessary fields for your global entity and click Save.

Entities can be filtered using the Filter by Type drop-down list. The list can be sorted by Entity Id, Entity Type, Version, and ACL.

You can filter the user entities by entity type via selecting the specific type listed on the Filter by Type drop-down menu.

Moreover, by clicking Refine, you can set an advanced filter by using MongoDB searching operators to narrow down your list of entities you are looking up. Click Apply to effect this filter.

Click the Clear button to clear the applied filter.

To download the entire listed user entities, click the Export button beside the Refine button. It will download the whole user entities of the current user into your default download folder with a .json file.

"all" : [ {
"playerId" : "8bd564a7-3f91-4a98-a4b3-43cd7d266133",
"entityId" : "a0b25038-2a56-479b-b219-0faa80d4410f",
"entityType" : "address",
"version" : 1,
"data" : {
"street" : "1309 Carling"
"acl" : {
"other" : 0
"createdAt" : 1601055632750,
"updatedAt" : 1601055632750
}, {
"playerId" : "8bd564a7-3f91-4a98-a4b3-43cd7d266133",
"entityId" : "f620ca63-d233-4f14-9758-a2cfe4072846",
"entityType" : "address",
"version" : 2,
"data" : {
"street" : "1310 Carling"
"acl" : {
"other" : 0
"createdAt" : 1601055634320,
"updatedAt" : 1607982846157
} ]

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