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Design | Custom Config | Files
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The custom files uploaded here are shareable to your app clients, anyone with the URL can access the files.

To get started, find the Files page on the brainCloud portal.

Add Files

  • Click the [+Add File] button at the right-top corner of the File List. Either upload a file by clicking the Choose File button or drag and drop directly from your files browser. Give this file a short name, click Upload to save this file to the brainCloud file storage system.

  • Select View/Edit via Actions dropdown from far right of the file record if you want to update it.

Call APIs

  • Navigate to Design | Cloud Code | API Explorer page, after authenticated, select the GlobalFile service and GetFileList operation, hit Run, you will find the uploaded files info from the response. Note one fileId for the next step.

There are other two more API calls of Global file under this service used quite often:

  • GetUpdatedFiles() - if you pass in a previously saved set of file details, this API will return only the list of files that have changed.

  • GetCDNUrl() - used for clients that cannot support redirection.

Move files to the new Global file V3 system

  • Create a file folder if you don't have one by running GlobalFileV3 service and SysCreateFolder operation with according parameters:

  • Select GlobalFileV3 service with SysMoveGobalFile operation, pass in the old global fileId which you get from API GetFileList return, and the folder info from the last step.

  • Run GetGlobalFileList from GlobalFileV3 service, check the file you moved is listed under the designated folder.

  • Go back to GlobalFile service and run GetFileList operation again, notice the file has been successfully moved to the new global file system, is no longer listed under the old custom file system.

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