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Monitoring | User Monitoring | Friends
Monitoring | User Monitoring | Friends
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From the User Monitoring - Friends page, you can achieve the functionalities as follows:

  • View the list of all the friends of the currently selected user from the user list on the User Summary page.

  • Filter the list by friend source (brainCloud and Facebook)

  • View the "friend summary data" associated with each friend entry.

  • Switch to the User Summary page of each friend entry.

  • Switch to Facebook friend page.

As for the details of how to create and update the "friend summary data", refer to the documentation of UpdateSummaryFriendData API here.

The following screen will be seen when browsing to Monitoring | User Monitoring | Friends page, which will list all the selected user's friends of your current app.

Click the Profile ID column of each entry, it will select this user and redirect you to the user summary page.

Click the Friend data column of each entry, it will open the friend data dialogue, which allows you to view JSON friend data or copy it to the clipboard.

Click the Facebook ID column for each entry, it will open a new windows tab to the select Facebook user page.

You can also filter the friend list by a friend source via selecting the specific type listed on the Filter by Type drop-down menu.

Click the {...} icon beside the filter menu to view and copy the JSON raw data of the currently displayed list of friends. (Note: you can choose to list the whole friends' data or list only the specific type of friends' data by applying the filter operations)

pro-tips: In order to get user Facebook friends listed here, your app must be granted the user_friends permission.

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