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Understanding a user’s view of your product pricing

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The Pricing tab is useful for understanding and debugging a user’s view of product pricing, and how it is affected by Promotions. This tab shows what segments a user is currently in, what promotions currently apply to them (both scheduled and automatic), and the resulting prices of all available products.

At the top of the page are 3 buttons.  Refresh will update the information displayed on the page by re-evaluating the User’s candidacy for both Promotions and Segments. Reset Promotions and Reset Segments will remove the User from any currently applied Segments or Promotions.

The first section of the page, Applied Segments, displays the Segments currently applied to the User.  They can be sorted by their ID or Name.

The next section, Applied Promotions, lists the currently applied promotions.  They can be sorted by ID, Name, and Type.  If your promotions are based on Segments you can use these two sections to be sure a User is receiving the correct promotions.

The final section, Applied Prices, shows all the Products the User is eligible for along with their default price and current price after Promotions are applied.

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