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Monitoring | User Monitoring | One Way MP

View the status of a User's recent one-way multiplayer matches

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The One-Way MP tab allows you to view the status of recent one-way multiplayer matches involving the selected User.

The Match Status drop down lets you filter records by their status.  Owner allows you to filter the results further by showing results for the player who started the match.

  • Match ID – The unique ID generated for the match.

  • Owner – Whether you are the owner of the match.

  • Created – The date and time the match was created.

  • Updated – The date and time of the last update to the match.

  • Participants – The names of both players involved in the match.  If a player has no Player Name saved this will be blank.

  • Details – Clicking on the eye icon will open a more detailed view of the match including the Player IDs of the users in the match.

  • Stream – Contains all the data transferred in the match including the Match Summary, shared data, and the raw Playback Stream events.

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