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Persistent game -- MMO on brainCloud
Persistent game -- MMO on brainCloud
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brainCloud provides a rich set of features that benefits any type of game - includes very flexible multiplayer tech, Our built-in real-time multiplayer services are more based around the idea of shared game experiences that last a *finite* period of time (i.e. arena shooters, casual multiplayer, etc.). Our matchmaking, lobby services, room server system, etc are all geared toward making this sort of experience easy and inexpensive to build - but also can integrate with 3rd party or custom tech. brainCloud provides support custom Room Servers which can support any type of custom or 3rd party multiplayer tech.

That said, brainClouds built-in multiplayer tech is more geared towards casual real-time experiences and asynchronous play. You can check out brainCloud Bombers as an example of our real-time tech in an arena-type experience.

With an MMO, a persistent online world, dedicated servers that are always up (instead of spinning up as necessary). Customers can certainly use brainCloud for this sort of game - but our multiplayer services aren't as well suited for it - so customers would likely mix in some 3rd party (i.e. Photon, UNet, etc) or other custom tech hosting and multiplayer tech to handle the persistent online world and connections.  [Note - many customers that have done that sort of thing - where brainCloud handles the player and world data, and the multiplayer is handled by 3rd party tech].

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