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Default Maximum Number of Records Returned for A Paged Items Read
Default Maximum Number of Records Returned for A Paged Items Read

list the limits of several "getPage" API calls

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A variety of APIs supports generic paged queries. These queries offer a very powerful mechanism for user-customized queries, with paged (i.e. cursor-ed) results. There are several default limits that preset by brainCloud portal, such as a maximum number of records returned for a paged user entities read. 

That said, even the parameter -- "rowsPerPage" you entered is great than the default preset value, you still only can get the maximum number records as a return. ( e.g. the default limit is set 100 as the maximum number of user entity searching return records for User Entity Getpage() API, assuming there are more 200 records will meet your searching criteria, so, even though you set "rowsPerPage" value equal 150, you still only can get 100 entities as a return for this API call, then, you need call GetEntityPageOffset() to get the rest records, refer the example below)

Entity->Getpage(), the "rowsPerPage" is set as 150 :

  "context": {
    "pagination": {
      "rowsPerPage": 150,
      "pageNumber": 1
    "searchCriteria": {
      "entityId": {"$regex": ".*ea.*"}
    "sortCriteria": {
      "createdAt": 1,
      "updatedAt": -1

return only 100 items with count as 200:

"results": {
      "count": 200,
      "page": 1,
      "items": [
          "playerId": "3b284d94-cbdf-43a7-9239-34d45aa27720",
          "gameId": "12832",
          "entityId": "243ea99c-ad9d-4b70-b546-06bbd886b8f7",
          "entityType": "address",
          "version": 3,
          "data": {
            "difficulty": "normal1",
            "addeddata": "value"
          "acl": {
            "other": 0
          "createdAt": 1582582946144,
          "updatedAt": 1585954397461

The following table lists some default preset limits for the paged read APIs which commonly used.

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