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Global Files V3

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The new Global Files V3 service provides a flexible repository for organizing files that are globally available to all users of an app. V3 files are stored separately from the legacy global files.

From Global Files page, you can:

  • upload, move, copy and delete files

  • create, move, and delete folders

  • download an archive of all of an app’s global files

  • restore an archive of an app’s global files

To get started, find the Global Files page on the brainCloud portal.

Add Folder

  • Click the [Action] button at the right-top corner of the Files list. Select Create Folder from the menu. Put a name for this folder (Note: only lower case letters, numbers, the underscore "_" and hyphen "-" characters are allowed).

  • Root location is the default Folder Location, you can change the creating folder location to underneath another created folder if you have by selecting it from the dropdown menu. And put the description of this folder to the Description text box if you want. It is an option.

Upload File

  • Click Upload File from [Actions] dropdown menu. Click Choose File button from the open dialogue and select the file from your file explorer.

  • Click Add button, the uploading file name will show up on the screen, select a folder which you want to put the file to from the right side folder section. Click the Upload File button at the right bottom corner of the dialogue box.

All done! Your file is uploaded to the brainCloud Files Storage System. You can do other operations, such as move, delete, and edit to better organize your files as you want from the page.

You may also want to backup all your global files to your local storage or import global files from other apps, you can do it through Import Archive/ Export Archive options of Actions menu.

Global Files V3 APIs

The new Global File APIs are used to access the V3 of our Global Files Service. The V3 APIs bring new features to global files:

  • Ability to organize files into sub-directories.

  • Ability to upload global files from the Client Libraries (by migrating an uploaded User File).

Get global files list:

  • Navigate to Design | Cloud Code | API Explorer page, after authenticated, select the GlobalFileV3 service and GetGlobalFileList operation, hit Run, you will find the uploaded files and the created folder info from the response.

  • There are many more global file V3 APIs, please refer to our API documentation Global File service for further information.


  • You may notice each folder has a treeId - allows us to rename and move directories without breaking the relationship with the associated files, this id represents the folder that the files are located within. If <null> or ““ or field not present, then the file is assumed to be in the root directory. If field is specified, but treeId cannot be found, then place the file in the “_recovered” directory, updating the treeId accordingly.

  • The “_recovered” directory is special - if a file is found with a link to a folder that does not exist, we will place it in the _recovered folder. The system will automatically create the _recovered folder if it doesn’t already exist.

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