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How to set up your app as maintenance mode
How to set up your app as maintenance mode

disable app, maintenance mode

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Whenever your app need some maintenance, you can take steps as following to prevent your app from interacting with app users.

  • Go to Design | Core App Info | Advanced Settings page, from App Settings section, uncheck [App Enabled] checkbox.

  • Click [Edit Disabled Reason] button, put a custom message to the value of "message", Save it.

  • Go to your app, after initialize your app, when calling authencition methods, you will get an error message with the value you input return.


"status_message": "Processing exception (bundle): App is disabled.",
"reason_code": 40330,
"severity": "ERROR",
"disabledReason": {
"message": "custom this message -- App has been disabled"
"status": 403
  • Capture this returned message and show it to your app users.

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