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Reports | Reporting | Export Users
Reports | Reporting | Export Users

Download app user data with custom options

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From the Reporting - Export Users page, you can download your app user data for the purpose of further analytics, importing into mailing lists, etc.

The following screen will be seen when browsing the Reporting - Export Users page.

Filter Users

The Filter User section allow you to filter the users with the following options, you can select one or more options.

  • users type (end-suers only, tester only, or both)

  • has email address (only for the users with email address set up)

  • registered on or after a specify date

  • member of segment (filter users with the segments that you set in your app, browse to Design | Segmentation | Segments page for details.)

Data to Include

Data to include section allow you to select the type of exported file and what additional data to download beside the basic user information.

Currently, the types of download file include:

  • CSV

  • JSON

These selectable option data include:

  • Monetization Data -- add user's currencies, amount spent and amount refund data to user data

  • XP & XP Level -- add user experience points and experience level data to user data

  • Multiplayer Data -- add matches played data to user data

  • User Statistics -- add user statistics data to user data

If the download file in CSV format, the sheet will be like this:

If the download file in JSON format, you should get the JSON file like this:

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