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What platforms does brainCloud support?
What platforms does brainCloud support?
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brainCloud is a cloud-service, and as such, can be made to support any client platform.

We currently provide client-side libraries for the following device types:

  • Android

  • Apple TV

  • Apple Watch

  • IOS

  • Linux

  • MacOs

  • Windows

  • Windows Phone

  • Web (JavaScript)

Plus we support the Unity and Unreal gaming engines, and by extension all platforms that they support. 

All libraries are available for download via the Team | Client Libs page of the Design Portal.

Finally, the full source code for all client libraries is available, so you can easily take our java or c++ libraries and rebuild them as required.

Please let us know if your desired platform isn't on the list - and we'll do our best to add it!

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