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Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Job Queue

Monitoring scheduled tournaments, scripts and notifications

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From the Global Monitoring - Job Queue page, you can achieve the functionalities as follows:

  • View the list of all the scheduled tournaments, scripts, and notifications with status filter and sorted by fields

  • View the details of scripts or notifications jobs in different status

  • Create new jobs of scheduled cloud code scripts

  • Clone the existing scripts jobs

  • Delete the jobs individually

  • Remove the completed jobs from the list.

As for the details of how to configure a tournament with a leaderboard, refer to the tournament template help page here.

In reference to scheduling scripts, check out our APIs docs here. And for scheduling notifications, check out the docs here.

The following screen will be seen when browsing to Monitoring | Global Monitoring | Job Queue page, which will list all the scheduled tournaments, scripts, and notifications of your current app.

Click the Actions button of each Tournament type job, you can select the delete option from the drop-down menu to remove the currently scheduled or executed job.

With the Actions button for each Script type of job, you will find four options from this drop-down menu.

  • Selecting View will open a dialog for view-only the details of the job. If the job has been executed (i.e. the status is either success or fail), you will see the window below, besides shows the scheduling and parameters section, will also display the executed result with executed duration.

(Note: If the script has not been executed (i.e. in the scheduled status), you will see the window below, shows only the scheduling and parameters section.)

  • Selecting Edit for the scheduled script will open a dialog for editing the details of this scheduled job. Including to change the scheduled time or the executing cloud code script itself.

  • Selecting Clone will make a copy of your selected job, it will open a job adding dialog with all field filled.

  • Selecting Delete will erase your selected job, if it is scheduled status, it will not be executed, if it is executed already, it will just simply be removed from the list.

Click the drop-down menu beside the [Add CC job] button at the right-up corner of the list, you can filter the displayed jobs list from the status you chose.

Click the [Add CC job] button will open a [Add Scheduled Job] dialog, you can choose the cloud code script to be scheduled in the future.

Click the [Delete All Completed Jobs] will remove all completed jobs from the current jobs list no matter which status is Success or Fail.

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